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New Christmas release with Zara & Jessica

We are so happy to announce the release of a new Swedish christmas single called "Ge mig jul igen" cowritten together with the amazing artists Zara & Jessica, former Sarek who competed with the successful song "Genom eld och vatten" in Melodifestivalen and toured for 10 years before they went separated ways! Now they are back with new music! This time we did the production ourselves and worked togther with the talented musicians Patric Skog and Dan Sjöberg on guitars, bass and violins. Fredrik Kronbäck did the mixing and the cover image was designed by Jonatan Månsson. We did the release together with Universal Music Sweden and our publishing company Twinflame and it is both out on Spotify, Itunes and Youtube! Hope you want to listen, like and share!

There is always alot of work behind a song and we started already this Summer with a base production when Zara & Jessica sent us their idea and came to record the vocals in our studio. Through the months we have…

Fashion-Music-Art EVENT at Oldenstedt & Co

Boom!! After a few months of preparations the day finally came when we got to host an event with a mix of interesting themes - fashion, music, art, hair, makeup, massage at the salon Oldenstedt & Co in the central of Stockholm. 
The arrangers Åke Bjurström and Maja Nelin had done an amazing job with all the preparations and we assisted them as much as we could. Check out the vibe and performances in the vlog: Performances with Aron Promnitz and Rising Star. Photos by Maja Johansson.
Together with our child choir Rising Star and the artist Aron Promnitz we performed the songs "Jag tror jag är kär", "Fearless" and this was also the release party for Aron's and our song "Revival".  The place was crowded with happy guests that came to join us, posing for press photos at the specially designed backdrop canvas made by art director Jonathan where we were honoured to have our Twinflame publishing company logo printed. We had black & white tops and wide leg…

Book release and Disco Night Fever Party

Disco Inferno! Gimme that Night Fever! Oh Yeah Baby! 💃👌☝🙀 When Peter Ortvik was releasing his new book and we got a personal invitation to Wallmans salonger with dresscode Disco Party, there was only one reply: "Yes of course!" We joined the party in black sequin 70's jump suits and waffled hair, but left our afro wigs back home this time. 😁
You can get your own copy of the book here Maybe as a xmas gift? The book is about the concept of disco, discotheques, clubs, icons, dj's from the start until today. 2,5 kg and 416 pages!!

Watch our vlog with some disco moves here:

4 happy blondes! The party mood was really on tonight, we met alot of great people including Susie and Anki Bagger and hit the dance floor with alot of happy disco people doing all the 70's dance moves we could think of!
Here with Petra Mede and Andreas Lundstedt. A bit blurry though we didn't have any drinks yet!  Nice drinks and environment in the club  Happy girls i…